Project Number: 20190802
Pilot Type: Jobs
Status: Approved
Parcel ID: TTP 000455, P015730, P058000, P058001, P071695, P243804
County Commission District: 08 | City Council District: 06, 08


NBCUniversal has committed to filming the network television series “Bluff City Law” in the City of Memphis and Shelby County. As part of a State and local partnership to secure the series, the City and County Administrations agreed to seek $1.4 million for the first year of filming. NBCUniversal has currently ordered nine episodes for Year 1, in addition to the pilot. All will be filmed in and around Memphis and Shelby County.

NBCUniversal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, which is the "Sponsor” of the EDGE PILOT. Bluff City Law is a new hour-long legal and family drama, following Attorney Sydney Strait (Caitlin McGee) as she rejoins her father Elijah’s (Jimmy Smits) celebrated Memphis law firm specializing in landmark civil rights cases, after barely speaking to him for years. The show premiers on September 23, 2019, at 10:00 pm Eastern time.

To provide the City and County assistance, EDGE is proposing a four-year PILOT tax abatement for six Comcast property tax bills – one State assessed utility property and five Memphis and Shelby County personal property bills. Comcast will pass the savings to NBCUniversal.

Television, film, music videos and related projects are economic contributors in Memphis and Shelby County, and the State of Tennessee.

For the nine additional episodes NBCUniversal expects total cost to be $41 million. That includes 332 crew and 34 cast, with a payroll of $22 million including benefits. NBCUniversal anticipates spending $11.5 million on Tennessee-based personnel and approximately $9 million with Tennessee vendors. The show is expected to generate more than 10,300 hotel room nights in Shelby County, Tennessee. If the initial order is successful it is anticipated that another six episodes will be ordered for this season, bringing the total spending for Season 1 of Bluff City Law to more than $68 million.

EDGE Staff projects local tax revenues from the first 10 episodes of Bluff City Law of $34,569,388, and a first year benefit to NBCUniversal of $1,403,751.



Projected New Jobs:


Projected Retained Jobs:

Not applicable

Total Jobs:


Projected Average Payroll of New Jobs:


Projected Average Payroll of Retained Jobs:

Not applicable

Annual New Direct Payroll:

Not applicable

Annual Retained Direct Payroll:

Not applicable

Total Capital Investment:

Real Property Investment:
Not applicable

Personal Property Investment:
Not applicable

Community Reinvestment Credit (CRC):
Not applicable

Capital Investment not in PILOT:
Not applicable

Projected Tax Revenue:


Projected Taxes Abated:

City: $613,439 (75%)
County: $790,312 (75%)

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Not applicable

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