Project Number: 20140201
Pilot Type: Standard/Basic
Status: Approved
Parcel ID: D0107 00014
County Commission District: 1 | City Council District: N/A


Plains and Eastern Clean Line LLC received an 11-year PILOT in return for a $259 million investment in unincorporated Shelby County near Millington (in the Millington annexation reserve area), and the creation of 16 new jobs.

As part of a larger project, Plains and Eastern Clean Line will purchase renewable wind energy in the Panhandle of Oklahoma, construct an approximately 700 mile, 600 kilovolt high voltage direct current electric transmission line that terminates in either Shelby or Tipton Counties at a new converter station (direct current to alternating current), and then ties into the Tennessee Valley Authority network.

Once constructed, the facility will be able to deliver more than 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy.


11 years

Projected New Jobs:


Projected Retained Jobs:

Not applicable

Total Jobs:


Projected Average Payroll of New Jobs:


Projected Average Payroll of Retained Jobs:

Not applicable

Annual New Direct Payroll:


Annual Retained Direct Payroll:

Not applicable

Total Capital Investment:

Real Property Investment:
Not applicable

Personal Property Investment:
Not applicable

Community Reinvestment Credit (CRC):
Not applicable

Capital Investment not in PILOT:
Not applicable

Projected Tax Revenue:


Projected Taxes Abated:

City: Not applicable
County: $23,369,368 (75%)

Benefit/Cost Ratio:


Projected MWBE/LOSB Spending:


Incentive Provided:


Compliance Information

Not applicable



Ramp up Period

2 years


Not applicable


Not applicable

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Clean Line

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