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Mr. T’s Specialty Meats


Mr. T’s Specialty meats is a grocer located a 3280 Democrat in Memphis that has experienced at least a 25% drop in revenue as result of COVID-19. Two full time employees have been reduced to part time. Revenues have declined due to churches and daycare centers closing or operating at reduced capacity. The business has seen supplier interruptions due to meat plant shutdowns.
Stabilization and Recovery Plan:
• Has worked out payment arrangements with suppliers
• Growing customer base through social media usage
• Opened new accounts with local suppliers to increase their product options
• Received a $10,000infusion from EIDL
NEED Grant funds will be used to help bring meat suppliers current.

Financing Amount:


Projected Total Jobs:

Not applicable

Total Investment:

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Mr. T’s Specialty Meats

3280 Democrat Road, Memphis, TN 38118