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FedEx Logistics, Inc.


EDGE Board of Directors approved a $2 million cost reimbursement grant for FedEx Logistics, Inc. to help offset building renovation costs for the proposed Downtown Memphis headquarters space located in the vacant 190,000 square foot Gibson Guitar manufacturing plant.

The new FedEx Logistics, Inc. headquarters will house a total of 662 employees comprised of 323 existing employees and 339 new positions. The average salary of the 662 employees will exceed $80,000 excluding benefits.

EDGE’s participation is part of an overall package offered by the State of Tennessee and the Downtown Memphis Commission’s Center City Development Corporation (CCDC) and Center City Revenue Finance Corporation (CCRFC).

Financing Amount:


Projected Total Jobs:


Total Investment:




FedEx Logistics, Inc.

145 George W. Lee, Memphis, TN 38103