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Electrophonic Recording, LLC


Electrophonic Recording, LLC is a recording studio/production company located at 777 S. Main in Memphis that has experienced at least a 25% drop in revenue as a result of COVID-19. 8 independent contractors w/o work-Cancelation of performances. Artists are canceling studio recordings due to travel &social distancing restrictions. Using personal savings to meet debt obligations.
Stabilization and Recovery Plan:
• Royalties from recordings, including the new Don Bryant album, to be paid in June & July
• Expanding ability to record remotely
• Will have artist/musicians record individually
NEED Grant funds will be used for rent, utilities, insurance, and equipment upgrades.

Financing Amount:


Projected Total Jobs:

Not applicable

Total Investment:

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Electrophonic Recording, LLC

777 South Main Street, Memphis, TN 38106