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TAG Truck Enterprises, LLC

Project Number: 20160603
Project Type: Expansion
Parcel ID: 0703011 00235C
County Commission District: 11 | City Council District: 04


Tag Truck Enterprises, LLC (“Applicant”) is seeking a 12‐year Expansion PILOT to enable the company to add 62 net new jobs and retain 141 jobs. The Applicant will make a $27,810,000 capital investment to construct a new 182,795 square‐foot facility located at 0 American Way.

The Applicant’s five facilities in the Memphis and West Memphis area are in antiquated facilities, many of which were constructed in the 1930s.The PILOT will allow the Applicant to keep its existing operations in Memphis, bring jobs to Memphis from the Arkansas facility, add new jobs and build the TAG training center. The Applicant will combine five facilities and construct a 182,795 square‐foot facility at the long vacant former Mall of Memphis site.

The average salary for the 203 employees is $54,715 excluding benefits.

The capital investment and job creation meets the Expansion PILOT requirements.

The Applicant will invest $26,200,000 to construct a 182,795 square‐foot training facility. TheApplicant will invest $1,000,000 in furniture, fixtures and general equipment. Additionally, the Applicant will relocate from Arkansas $390,000 of personal property which is primarily furniture, fixtures and general equipment. The Applicant will also relocate $220,000 in vehicles that will not be eligible for the PILOT.

Parcel 073022 00235C is 113 acres of which 34 acres will enter the PILOT. The remaining 79 acres will be fully taxed and will likely be sold or leased to businesses that will complement the project. The assigned address of 0 American Way is classified as Vacant Land.

In 2007, Tommy Earl and Gary Dodson purchased four of Barloworld Truck Center’s dealerships for approximately $25,000,000 as the recent recession began. TAG Truck Center is now a full‐service commercial truck enterprise that deals with Freightliner, Sprinter and Fuso Trucks and operates ten sites throughout the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Kentucky. The Applicant provides service for Freightliner, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz (Daimler) Diesel, Caterpillar and Cummins Engines. The Applicant is an outsourced truck fleet manager for FedEx, AutoZone, Pepsi, Ozark Motor Line and others in the Memphis transportation industry.

Staff projects $11,662,339 in total tax revenues to be received during the PILOT term of this project and a $6,278,420 benefit to the Applicant. When the two (2) year ramp‐up is complete, this facility will act as the training center for the entire organization.



Projected New Jobs:


Projected Retained Jobs:


Total Jobs:


Projected Average Payroll of New Jobs:


Projected Average Payroll of Retained Jobs:


Annual New Direct/Indirect Payroll:


Annual Retained Direct/Indirect Payroll:


Total Capital Investment:

Real Property Investment:

Personal Property Investment:

Community Reinvestment Credit (CRC):
Not applicable

Capital Investment not in PILOT:

Projected Tax Revenue:


Projected Taxes Abated:

City: $2,705,040 (25%)
County: $3,476,772 (25%)

Benefit/Cost Ratio:


Projected MWBE/LOSB Spending:


Incentive Provided:


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Not applicable



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TAG Truck Enterprises, LLC

0 American Way, Memphis , TN 38118