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Stylist Salon

ID: ED20170902
Inner City Economic Development Loan
County Comission District: 03 | City Council District: 07


Stylist Salon is owned and operated by Mr. Godfrey Otubu. Stylist Salon applied for assistance to help with façade repair, HVAC installation, roof repair, and interior improvements. The loan will help Mr. Otubu restore the 1,064-square foot building originally constructed as a home in 1940. Stylist Salon will offer both beauty and barber services, along with hair and cosmetic products for sale. The geographic target area is the surrounding Frayser community. The business will offer six booths operated by licensed cosmetologists and stylists-in-training who cater primarily to women seeking organic skin and hair treatments. Total qualified projects costs are estimated to be $22,635. Stylist Salon was approved for a $15,000 ICED Loan.

Mr. Otubu, Stylist Salon owner and Frayser property investor, added, “it was important to me that we engage the neighborhood in this project; and renovating the salon will help remove this eyesore from the community along with providing an additional opportunity for jobs.”

Loan Term:


Interest Rate:


Projected New Jobs:


Projected Retained Jobs:

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Total Projected Capital Investment:

Real Property:
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Machinery & Equipment:
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Stylist Salon

3240 North Watkins, Memphis, TN 38127